Born 1979 Örebro, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm.

    Larsson predominantly experiments with stop motion animation. The animation practice is a hands-on process where the material is co-creator and becomes the body for severe formulated situations, emotions and states. The cinematic language is surreal and can refer to horror films, folktales and abstract painting. In addition to film Larsson works with drawing, collage and painting. He is spreading his work through print making and self published art books. He is the co-runner of the experimental tape label Hockey Rawk and a member of the band Facenag.


    2007 - 2012    BA and  MA fine art, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 
    2011           Exchange student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, Canada
    2005 - 2007    BA Animation & Experimental film, Uppsala University, Visby
    2003 - 2005    Animation & Experimental film. Diagonalakademin, Folkuniversitetet, Visby
    2000           Documentary film, Fellingsbro folkhögskola, Fellingsbro

    (and duo)

    2024    Paadmaan projects, Supermarket, Stockholm
    2023    Peter Larsson Made Me Do It, Crum Heaven, Stockhom 
    2021    Breathing Down My Neck, Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund       
            Pizza, Crum Heaven, Stockholm, with Finn Öhlund 
    2019    The Ghost Butt Show, Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund       
    2018    Film weeks, Crum Heaven, Stockholm            
            Hit The Ground, Larry’s Corner, Stockholm         
    2017    Flabbergast, Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund       
    2016    Peter Larsson - Screen prints, Laika, Hornhuset, Stockholm
    2015    Louie Louie, Stockholm
            Walk On A Stick And Cry, Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund       
    2013    In till andra rum, Gotlands Konstmuseum, Visby       
            Dom Därnere, Galleri Sho, Falköping, with Rebecca Digby 
            Hôtel Rustique, Brussels, Belgium
    2012    Nationalgalleriet, Stockholm
            More Guts, More Pie, Larry’s Corner, Sthlm             
    2011    Ljunggrens, Stockholm
            Mullin Mallin, a Hockey Rawk Thing, Staalplaat, Berlin, Germany, with Lars Nilsson            
            Ravintola 931, Tampere, Finland, with Jan Anderzén
    2010    Hit + Run, Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund       
            Riche bar, Stockholm
    2009    Peter Larsson - Animation, Galleri 54, Göteborg              
    2007    Hunk Honk Todd Podd, Galleri JR, Lindköping            
            4:4, Krets gallery, Malmö            


    2023    Artaround Group Show. Gallerian, Stockholm             
            Preparation for Descent into Hell. Fashion show. Axelsberg, Stockholm
    2022    Extremt mycket utan regler. Växjö konsthall, with Anna Nordström & Rebecka Bebben Andersson
            Konstkompaniet, höstkollektionen, Stockholm
            Crum Heaven, Stockholm
            Pieces of Hope, Kaiku, Helsinki, Finland                 
    2021    Today is a very very very very gummy day, Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark    
            Find-us, Galleri Nos, Stockholm          
    2020    Sanctuary, Martin Bryder gallery, Lund     
    2019    The Sky Is Glue, Mjölkbaren, Stockholm           
            Zine Heaven, Crum Heaven Gallery, Stockholm  
    2017    Samling i förvandling – Tema: Grafik, Uppsala konstmuseum, Uppsala    
            Shuffle, Martin Bryder gallery, Lund     
            Crum Heaven #2, Crum Heaven, Stockholm          
            Pro Cicerone, Little Finger Gallery, Malmö    
    2016    New Rituals, Midori.so 2, Tokyo, Japan       
    2014    Brysk tröst, Nationalgalleriet, Stockholm    
    2013    Bang On The Beet, Watdafac Gallery, Madrid, Spain   
    2012    Gruppe Knald, Martin Bryder gallery, Lund     
    2011    Print On The Nose, Swop art Gallery, Stockholm        
    2010    Knock Knock, Needles & Pens, San Francisco, USA
            Samlingsutställning, Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund     
            Born In The Future Living In The Past, Krets gallery, Malmö            
    2008    Return To Sender, Krets gallery, Malmö            


    Statens konstråd, Region Skåne and private collections


    2024    Flip heli salto, music promo for TV Dinner Education (3:15)
    2023    At The Window, co-directed with Tomas Stark (7:42)
    2022    Art Show, music promo for Facenag (1:30)
            Peter Larsson Made Me Do It (0:30, loop)
    2019    Horse Sings From Cloud, co-directed with Isak Sundström (13:26)
    2017    Buried on the Wind, promo for Fletcher Tucker (3:12)
            Little Birds promo for TV Dinner Education (2:33)
    2016    Forgotten Reason (13:29)
    2015    Walk On a Stick and Cry (3:49)
    2012    Other Rooms (7:31)
    2011    In a Room (loop, 16,19)
    2010    Seven Days In The Woods (7:16)
    2008    Människorna och valen (5:47)
    2005    Mannen som inte kom nånstans (3:07)
            Det vi redan vet (1:49)
    2005    Voices (3:48)
    2004    Sju resor värre (1:41)


    2023    NYC Horror Film Festival, New York, USA
            Screamfest Horror Film Festival, LA, USA
            Lund Fantastic Film Festival, Lund
            Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, Spain
            Image Forums - Filmform visar experimentfilm & videokonst från Sverige, Tokyo, Japan
            Uppsala International Short Film Festival
            Sveriges Kortfilmfestival 2023, Stockholm
            Göteborg International Film Festival
    2019    Uppsala International Short Film Festival
            Göteborg International Film Festival
    2017    International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany
            World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb, Croatia
            Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham, UK 
            The Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong 
            Busan International Short Film Festival, South Korea
            MECAL, Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival, Spain 
    2016    Palm Springs International Short Filmfest, USA 
            Nordisk Panorama, Malmö
            Uppsala International Short Film Festival
    2012    Milano Film Festival, Italy
            Animationsinvasion, Riksutställningar 
    2011    Berlinale Shorts Competition 61st Berlinale Film Festival, Germany
            Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia 
            Seattle International Film Festival, USA
            Anim’est international animation film festival, Bucharest, Romania 
    2010    Uppsala International Short Film Festival
    2009    Animationsinvasion, Riksutställningar 
    2008    Göteborg International Film Festival
            Uppsala International Short Film Festival
    2007    Encounters Bristol International Film Festival, UK 
    2006    World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest Zagreb, Croatia
            Uppsala International Short Film Festival


    2023    At The Window, Winner Audience Award, Molins de Rei Horror Film Festival, Spain
    2020    Construction Site for a Colorful Ghost, contest for Pro Artibus, Helsinki, Finland
    2016    Forgotten Reason, best nordic short, Nordisk Panorama, Malmö 
            Forgotten Reason, honorable mention, STOCKmotion, Stockholm
    2008    Människorna och valen, best short, Moving, Clarion Hotel Film Festival, Stockholm
    2007    Mannen som inte kom nånstans, nominee for best short, The Guldbagge Awards
    2005    Mannen som inte kom nånstans, winner of the jury's and the audiens prize,
            Novemberfestivalen, Trollhättan


    2024    Galago #162, published by Ordfront förlag
    2023    Visitors & Burglars, self published
            Close But No Cigar, self published
    2022    Ghost Toast, self published
            Det grymma svärdet #43, published by Lystring förlag
            Det grymma svärdet #42, published by Lystring förlag
    2021    Hockey Rawk - Super fashion, with Lars Nilsson, self published 
            Today is a very very very very gummy place, published by Ruja press
            Det grymma svärdet #40, published by Lystring förlag
    2020    Det grymma svärdet #39, published by Lystring förlag 
            Det grymma svärdet #35, published by Lystring förlag
    2019    Nutida Musik #278, ISCM
            Nutida Musik #277, ISCM
            Nutida Musik #276, ISCM
            Nutida Musik #275, ISCM
            Free Spirit #12, Container Corps
            Toasted on a Rug, self published  
    2018    Sugar In The Evening, self published 
    2017    Brand #4, Kulturföreningen Brand
            Long Way Home For Super Nap, self published 
    2016    Prank Violence, self published 
    2015    Hug My Knee, self published 
            Konstnären #2, Svensk konstnärsservice
            Jusektidnigen #1
    2014    Cheeks?, self published 
            No More Milk In The Tunnel Of Fun, self published 
            Finger Pie, self published  
            Hichcock On A Bed Of Salsa, published by Re:surgo 
            Jusektidnigen #2, Illustration, Jusek
    2013    Maxi Zine Earth, published by Re:Surgo
            Mékanik Copulaire #5, publication
            Free Spirit #3, Container Corps
            Det grymma svärdet #13, published by Lystring förlag
            Med huvudet i häcken, self published 
    2012    Little Finger #1
            Det grymma svärdet #14, with Lars Nilsson, published by Lystring förlag 
            Turkey On A Headspin, self published
            Raska steg åt pipan, self published
            Jive Yams, self published
            Det grymma Svärdet #14, Lystring förlag
    2011    Konstnären #3, published by Svensk konstnärsservice 
            Given, published by Re:surgo
            Midnight Special, self published 
            Ögonaböj,self published 
            Gold And Wildfire, self published 
    2010    Outside The Box #2, publication
            Beef Weekly, with Lars Nilsson, self published 
            Does This Make It Better?, publication
            Hit + Run, self published
            Det grymma svärdet #5, published by Lystring förlag
    2009    Buck Teeth Beerry, self published 
            Chewy Chewy Gumdrops, with Lars Nilsson, self published
    2008    Hunk Honk Todd Podd, self published 
            Tree Pony Island, with Lars Nilsson, self published 
    2007    Hockey Rawk #10, with Lars Nilsson, self published 
            Hockey Rawk #5, self published 
    2006    Hockey Rawk #1, with Lars Nilsson, self published

    COVER ART (commissioned)

    2024    TV Dinner Education/Telephone Melts – split, Cassette tape, Cudighi Records         
    2022    Elias Krantz - Side Notes, Pathworks Music 
    2019    TV Dinner Education – Nya perspektiv, Cassette tape, Cudighi Records
    2018    Klotmystik - Drömma Oss, 12-inch vinyl record, Rundgång Rekords
            The Liturgiske owäsendet - Novemberregn, CD/Cassette tape, Shimmering Moods Records
    2016    Vilhelm Bromander - Oh Lord Give Me Strange, CD, Creative Sources    
    2015    Beast – Människan, 7-inch vinyl record, Rundgång Rekords    
            Skymningslandet, Cassette tape, Zeon Light 
            Trouble VS Glue - This Age, Cassette tape, Oma333 
            TV Dinner Education, 10-inch vinyl record, Hockey Rawk/Oma333
    2014    Strändernas svall – s/t, 12-inch vinyl record, Ljupmusik            
            Jason Urick- The Day, Cassette tape, Oma333
    2013    Small Feet – Liar Behind The Sun, 2x7-inch vinyl record/tape/CD, Kning Disk    
            Chicagojazzen / Dammit I'm Mad ‎– Golden Oldies, Cassette tape, Oma333
    2011    Elias Krantz – Night Ice, 12-inch vinyl record/CD, Country & Eastern           
    2009    Gul3 & Tetuzi Amiyama - Nero´s Expedition, 12-inch vinyl record, Monotype Records    


    2023    Animation for Genom Magma, short film, dir: Elisabeth Raymond 
    2020    Mural, Pro artibus, Helsinki, with Ossian Eckerman
    2019    Animation for Tystnaden i Sápmi, documentary, dir: Liselotte Wajstedt, Paranord Film
    2018    Animation & co-creation, Supercedents, short film/art project by Juliacks
            Mural, Konstdax, Stockholm
            Animation for Waryaa, short film, dir: Salad Hilowle 
    2014    Vignette for Kortfilmsdagen (Short film day), Swedish Film Institute
    2011    Gagnef festival, poster art work and design
    2009    Murals, Hornstull Strand, bar/restaurant, Stockholm


    2024    Production grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee    
    2023    Travels grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee         
    2022    Studio grant, Stockholm stad                       
    2021    Working grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee        
    2020    Production grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee    
    2018    Stockholm studio grant, Stockholm stad                        
    2017    Production grant, Film på Gotland                      
            Production grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee    
    2016    Distribution grant, Swedish Film Institute               
    2014    Stockholm studio grant, Stockholm stad                       
    2013    Production grant, Swedish Film Institute                
    2012    Ida Unmans Donationsfond
            The Royal University College of Fine Arts masters grant
    2011    Wilhelm Smith Foundation
            Distribution grant, Swedish Film Institute               
    2010    Wilhelm Smith Foundation
    2008    Production grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee    
            Ida Unman Foundation
    2006    Production grant, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee    
            Production grant, Film på Gotland                      
    2005    Production grant, Film i Väst                         
    2004    Production grant, Film på Gotland                      


    2023    Galjen First, Loungen #5, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
    2022    Galjen First, a.m. Popoli, Larry´s Corner, Stockholm
    2022    TV Dinner Education, Patricia, Stockholm
    2021    Galjen First, Crum Heaven, Stockholm
    2020    TV Dinner Education, Växjö Konsthall
    2018    TV Dinner Education, Under Bron, Stockholm
    2017    TV Dinner Education, Klubb Profet, Scala teatern, Stockholm
            TV Dinner Education, Kroch #9, Pygméteatern, Stockhholm
    2016    TV Dinner Education, Inkonst, Malmö
            TV Dinner Education, Lacephase festival, Mayham, Copenhagen
            TV Dinner Education, 24kvm, Gothenburg
            TV Dinner Education, Nya Perspektiv, Västerås
            TV Dinner Education, Fylkingen, Stockholm
            TV Dinner Education, Verket, Umeå
    2015    TV Dinner Education, Arts Birthday, Södra teatern, Stockholm
            TV Dinner Education, Smedjan, Gothenburg
            TV Dinner Education, Brillo, Stockholm
            TV Dinner Education, Bar Kuka, Turku, Finland
            TV Dinner Education, Vastavirta, Tampere, Finland
    2014    TV Dinner Education, Hemliga trädgården, Stockholm
            UFOFBI, Cairo, Seattle, USA
            UFOFBI, Shine On, The Knockout, San Fransisco, USA
            UFOFBI, The Make Out Room, San Fransisco, USA
            UFOFBI, LoBot Gallery, Oakland, USA
            UFOFBI, The Northern, Olympia, USA
            UFOFBI, The Know, Portland, USA
            UFOFBI, Gerlesborgsskolan
            UFOFBI, Krets Gallery, Malmö
            UFOFBI, Hemliga trädgården, Stockholm    

    2012    Nero´s Expedition, Fylkingen, Stockholm 
    2010    Glass.Bead.Game, Norway tour + Fylkingen, Stockholm  


    2023    Guest teacher at Beckmans Designhögskola 
    2023    Workshop at Bonniers Konsthall 
    2019-2023 Guest teacher at Sörängens Folkhögskola, Nässjö  
    2022    Guest teacher at S:t Sigfrids folkhögskola, Växjö 
    2016,2017,2020-2023  Guest teacher at Animationsakademien, Folkuniversitetet Stockholm 
    2018    Workshop at Stockholm public library (Örby, Älvsjö, Hagsätra, Östberga, Högdalen) 
    2010, 2012  Mentor at Diagonalakademin, Folkuniversitetet, Stockholm 
    2016, 2018  Mentor and presentation at Stockholm University of the Arts
    2017, 2018  Workshop public library, Rinkeby, Stockholm 
    2009, 2010, 2012    Guest teacher at Fridhems folkhögskola, Svalöv
    2008-2010   Guest teacher at Fellingsbro folkhögskola, Fellingsbro